Couselling for LGBT+ asylum seeker

If you are seeking asylum in Denmark, LGBT Asylum offers counselling and a social network for you who as a LGBT+ person is seeking asylum in Denmark.

Asylum counselling

If you are seeking asylum in Denmark it may be very difficult to understand the rules and processes of the asylum system. LGBT Asylum offers counselling in your asylum case.

If you want it we can:

  • Help you get knowledge in order to make decisions
  • Help you understand the asylum procedure
  • Help you understand the letters from the Danish authorities
  • Counsel you before interviews at the Danish Immigration or meetings with the Refugee Appeals Board
  • If possible be present at interviews as assessor.


Dublin cases
‘If you have been registered or have sought asylum in another country in Europe than Denmark, you will most likely be sent back to your first country of entry according to the Dublin Convention. In that case we can help you get in contact with the right organisations in that country.

The case could also be that you are in another EU country and are to be Dublin-transferred to Denmark. If so it is a very good idea to contact us, so that we are ready to welcome you when you arrive in Denmark.

If you are outside Schengen
It is not easy to get to Denmark and seek asylum. LGBT Asylum cannot help you flee and get a visa to Schengen and enter Denmark. But we do have a large international network, so contact us if you need help. We might be able to provide contact to relevant NGOs where you are situated.

Mentorship Programme for LGBT+ Refugees

It can be particularly challenging for LGBT+ people to navigate life in Denmark after being granted asylum. You may experience loneliness and isolation from being placed in municipalities far away from big cities with the largest LGBT+ communities. It can be difficult to adjust to your new life here, make friends and learn the language while also trying to start an education, find employment and understand various systems as well as your rights and obligations in the municipality’s integration programme. There are many things to juggle and keep an overview of after what tends to be a very challenging and taxing experience of seeking asylum. With our new mentorship programme, we hope to support people in addressing these challenges and creating a sustainable and meaningful life in Denmark.

From October 2023, we will launch our mentorship programme for LGBT+ people with a refugee background. With the programme, we will facilitate one-on-one mentor and mentee relationships, where together they can work towards the mentee’s goals and find solutions to their different challenges. We also hope to create spaces where all mentees and mentors can meet, share experiences and resources, organize themselves and feel safe and united in collectively addressing socio-economic inequalities and other day-to-day challenges they encounter. We hope that through this, the mentorship programme will empower and help make crucial services and networks more accessible such as access to trans-specific-healthcare, housing, queer communities, mental health services, higher education and employment.

If you are an LGBT+ person that has been granted asylum in Denmark and would like to be matched with a mentor, please contact us at

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