Couselling for LGBT+ asylum seeker

If you are seeking asylum in Denmark, LGBT Asylum offers counselling and a social network for you who as a LGBT+ person is seeking asylum in Denmark.

Asylum counselling

If you are seeking asylum in Denmark it may be very difficult to understand the rules and processes of the asylum system. LGBT Asylum offers counselling in your asylum case.

If you want it we can:

  • Help you get knowledge in order to make decisions
  • Help you understand the asylum procedure
  • Help you understand the letters from the Danish authorities
  • Counsel you before interviews at the Danish Immigration or meetings with the Refugee Appeals Board
  • If possible be present at interviews as assessor.


Dublin cases

If you have been registered or have sought asylum in another country in Europe than Denmark, you will most likely be sent back to your first country of entry according to the Dublin Convention. In that case we can help you get in contact with the right organisations in that country.

The case could also be that you are in another EU country and are to be Dublin-transferred to Denmark. If so it is a very good idea to contact us, so that we are ready to welcome you when you arrive in Denmark.

If you are outside Schengen

It is not easy to get to Denmark and seek asylum. LGBT Asylum cannot help you flee and get a visa to Schengen and enter Denmark. But we do have a large international network, so contact us if you need help. We might be able to provide contact to relevant NGOs where you are situated.

Couselling for LGBT+ refugees

As a refugee in Denmark you may experience loneliness and isolation. Some find it hard to adjust to life in exile. Some are marked by traumatising experiences from flight and persecution. Therefore LGBT Asylum offers a network we call LGBT refugees. We try to make two weekend trips a year where we are together as a group. We have previously done yoga, had movie nights or discussed different themes together, and we cook or party together.


We also offer counselling.


It may concern:

  • Changing your municipality
  • Rights and obligations in the integration programme in Denmark
  • Understanding letters from the Danish authorities
  • How to do your taxes
  • How to handle homophobia at the language school or racism in the LGBT+ community.
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