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You can join LGBT Asylum as an asylum activist, refugee, contact person, interpreter/translator or event planner. Our refugees group is our group for LGBT+ refugees who have been granted asylum and residence in Denmark. If you are based in or around Aarhus you can join LGBT Asylum Aarhus. On this page you can read more about joining LGBT Asylum.

Expectations of you in LGBT Asylum

As a member of LGBT Asylum, it is expected that you respect the group and the other members.

LGBT Asylum is a safe space for everyone, so we do not tolerate sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other kind of discrimination or hate.

Also, we do not talk to outsiders about what we do in the group or who is present at the meetings.

Likewise, we do not take pictures of each other without consent. We furthermore expect that you take responsibility for the group.

We are all volunteers, and everyone is expected to help out with the practical stuff like cooking and representing the group.

We expect you to take responsibility for your own asylum case and your own situation.

Our counselling is founded on the idea of empowerment and that you are the best expert on your own life. That means that we try to help you help yourself. We offer counselling so that you yourself can make qualified decisions.

If you are an LGBT+ refugee

The group is for LGBT refugees who want a network with other LGBT+ persons facing some of the same situations and issues related to being LGBT+ and refugee.

The members of the group can share experiences and support each other regarding LGBT+ related issues, issues related to living in exile or practical matters related to for example social services, housing, employment or education.

The group is a space for support and empowerment, and for having a good time.

All LGBT+ refugees with residence in Denmark are welcome in the group. The meetings are held in Copenhagen.

You can contact LGBT refugees on this email:

Or phone: 71 52 33 97 (Open Monday-Thursday 10 am. to 2 pm. ).

LGBT Asylum Aarhus

Our group in Aarhus is a dedicated group of LGBT+ asylum seekers, refugees and contact persons with a permit to stay in Denmark who live in and around Aarhus.

The group offers counselling and support for LGBT+ persons in their asylum cases and hosts social events for the members in Aarhus, support for refugee members and a strong social network.

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