About LGBT Asylum

Denmark is one of the safest and most equal countries for LGBT+ persons. But that is not necessarily the case if you live here as an asylum seeker or refugee, hoping to be safe and live a free life.

LGBT+ persons applying for asylum in Denmark or having a permit to stay as refugees experience solitude, harassment, difficult mental challenges and rejection, due to lack of knowledge about LGBT+ problems.

LGBT Asylum is working to change that.

Since 2012 LGBT Asylum has provided a safe social network, counseling and support to more than 550 LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers. We cooperate with the Danish authorities and we are doing advocacy. Internationally we cooperate with other LGBT+ organisations.

LGBT Asylum is the only group for LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark. Today we are more than 75 LGBT+ asylum applicants, 150 LGBT+ refugees with a permit to stay and 40 volunteers.

We offer activities in Aarhus and Copenhagen. LGBT Asylums is founded in collaboration with LGBT+ asylum seekers and LGBT+ persons with Danish citizenship.

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... help LGBT+ persons fleeing to Denmark

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